Riverside Cemetery Birthday Pictures in Asheville, NC

Riverside cemetery with toddler, cemetery birthday pictures

Happy haunted birthday to my little niece Paisley!!! Yepp she’s our Halloween baby born at 10pm that halloween night in 2017. With her birthday coming up I thought birthday pictures at Riverside Cemetery would be perfect!

If you’ve never been there, Riverside Cemetery is absolutely gorgeous!
I love the contrast with Riverside cemetery and Paisley’s youth and sass. it’s the circle of life. contrast of life and death. It’s full of headstones from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. So many elaborate headstones, 9,000 monuments, and 12 family mausoleums. I always stare in awe over the time, effort, and creativity people put into these beautiful works of art that memorialize the loved one in that place. Many historical figures are buried here including Thomas Wolfe and William Sidney Porter.

This baby girl was the biggest and best surprise of my life! She has the most beautiful smile. The day I saw her first genuine smile I told my mom “she’s going to be the girl/women that brightens a room when she walks in” I also think everyone will be memorized by her laugh” a year and a halfish after that day I still feel the same way.

My sister and I spent time shopping for the perfect outfit. My niece was so excited. She’d say “I’m ready for my pictures” and “cheese” the drive to the cemetery. Then like a perfect little 2 year old in training she turned on us… we got out of the car and she refused to do anything. That’s fine though. We played some games and ended up with some adorable pictures that completely represent her sassy little personality. You’ll notice her signature smile and classic pouty face.

Happy haunted birthday to my little Paisley! Auntie loves you so much!

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And now for the pictures!!!

child in Montford cemetery holding out skirt of her black dress
crypt at Riverside cemetery
cemetery birthday pictures, 2 year old smiling in Riverside cemetery with birthday hat on
haunting picture of toddler in montford cemetery
child sassy face in montford cemetery
toddler standing next to cross headstone in Riverside Cemetery
portrait of 2 year old sassy face with two black balloons, cemetery birthday pictures

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